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Welcome to What The Tesla, a YouTube channel dedicated to all thing's Tesla. The channel is hosted by Jed, geek, Tesla fanboy and owner of a 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance. The channel covers everything from ordering a Tesla through to reviews of features and accessories.
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Paint Protection Spray - Ngenco Installation on Tesla Model 3

For £200 discount when you have Ngenco Paint Protection Spray installed, call Baron's BMW, Bedford on 01234 434 275 and mention "What The Tesla". Ngenco is available either as a clear coat or with an option for a coloured top coat. This video is not sponsored by Ngenco or Barons BMW.

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Tesla Model 3 - Exploring Paint Protection / Enhancement Options

Before my Tesla Model 3 arrived, I looked extensively at the options for paint enhancement and protection. I share with you the options I looked at and top level overviews of automotive wax, ceramic coats, paint protection film (PPF) and paint protection spray (PPS). I ended up choosing ceramic coating at PP Protect Remember to mention What The Tesla for a £25 discount (correct at time of filming and subject to change).

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Re-collecting Tesla Model 3

One month after handing my Tesla Model 3 Performance to the Tesla Milton Keynes Service Centre, I have now got my car back.

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3 Weeks With A Tesla Model X 100D

While my Tesla Model 3 is being repaired, I have a Tesla Model X on loan from the Milton Keynes Tesla Service Centre. I briefly share my opinion of the Model X 100D and do my first cinematic shots of a car.

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Tesla Desktop Supercharger Review

Today, I'm taking a look at the Tesla Desktop Supercharger. Bought to sit on my desk in my home office, what does the supercharger do and is it worth £34 / $40?

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Issues With My 2021 Tesla Model 3 [Paint Peeling, Camera Broken etc.]

What issues have I had with my Tesla Model 3 Performance, 2021? Unfortunately, a few. I also show you how to log any issues with Tesla and book a service appointment.

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New Tesla Collection / Pickup Checklist Part 2

This video and list is to check for the most common defects, faults and problems that are missed in Tesla quality control. In part 2 we look at potential warranty claims.

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Tesla Enhanced Autopilot - Worth Upgrading?

Tesla have just released the Enhanced Autopilot package again, half the price of full self drive, but is it worth the upgrade in the UK?
I take you through the order process and then test some of the features such as summon, auto lane change, navigate on autopilot and auto park. Finally, I give you my honest opinion - is it worth £3,400? Have I saved you £3,400 with this review? Buy me a drink on Patreon.

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What To Check When Picking Up A New Tesla

Download Checklist (it's free)
Are you buying a new Tesla? I've compiled a handy collection checklist for you to use as a reference guide. This list is to check for the most common defects, faults and problems that are missed in Tesla quality control.

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Home EV Charger Installation [Zappi or Andersen A2?]

Which home EV charger have I chosen and why? This video details my experience researching and making a decision on the best home EV charger, for my requirements.
It really boiled down to the Zappi or Andersen A2.

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Collecting Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021

It's Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 delivery day!

Join me as I go to collect the new car from Tesla Birmingham, initial impressions and drive home.

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Ordering A Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021

I sold my pride and joy... my BMW 435D - in anticipation for the arrival of my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Take a look at the communications I have had from Tesla to update the progress on my order.

Also, sharing my experience of advertising a car on Facebook Marketplace and AutoTrader.

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Ordering A Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021

Ordering a Tesla Model 3 2021 Performance only took me one minute! Join me as I go through the ordering process, use my friends referral code to give us both 1,000 free supercharger miles, apply for Tesla Finance Loan and buy the brand new Model 3 Performance!

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Tesla Model 3: What's Changed in the 2021 Update?

The Tesla Model 3 has had a big update for 2021. In this video we explore what's changed and compare the old Model 3 to the new 2021 Model 3.

Test Driving The Tesla Model 3 Performance

How easy is it to book a Tesla test drive? Join me as I walk you through how you can book a test drive for a Tesla Model 3, S or X in the UK for free.

I took a Tesla Model 3 performance 2020 out from the Tesla Milton Keynes branch. Great fun and highly recommended!