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Making great quality YouTube videos is vital to the channels success. I've invested in great quality kit which makes editing and post production simple. I buy most things from Amazon who offer great customer service and often the best prices. If you're looking to produce high quality video with great audio, I would highly recommend the following items:

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Canon EOS M6

I use the Canon EOS M6 for my videos. It's a high performing, versatile and compact mirrorless DSLR. I chose this camera as there are so many lens options and for it's 4k video recording ability. It's a great bit of kit for YouTube videos.

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Canon EF-M 22 mm f/2 STM Lens

My lens of choice for head to camera footage is the 22mm f/2 pancake lens. It's a prime lens so doesn't have zoom, it's fixed at a moderately wide 22mm. As the EOS M6 has a cropped sensor, the lens provides a little zoom. It's super easy to set up, has auto-focus and produces a really clean picture.

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Sennheiser MKE 440 Professional Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Great sound is a must when it comes to video production. The built in microphones on cameras are usually pretty terrible. The Sennheiser camera microphones give much more depth to the audio and help it to sound more "real". This microphone is a plug and play mic which easily clips to the top of the camera and offers stereo recording.

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